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Camp quick round-up
Campers were treated to a visit from Israeli national star basketball player Lavon Mercer (known as the Israeli Michael Jordan)He talked to campers throughout the day and evening about his experience as a pro ball player and what it is like for him to live in Israel. He says his favorite thing is the people. And he loves that when campers are here, they unplug from the TV and spend more time talking to friends and connecting. See photos on Bunk 1.Read a story from NPR about Lavon Mercer as a bridge between cultures here:http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4212470 Camp Coleman staff give more than their time and energy… they also give their blood.We had another successful blood drive here for staffers and look forward to helping the red cross for years to come. Nachshonim had a crazy fun program – Mario Cart! Kids donned cardboard boxes and ran the Mario Cart track on the field as they were bombed by water balloons and jumped hurdles. Our Tsofim boys are back from a great camping overnight trip and are now gearing up for a restful Shabbat. Bonim BuddiesThe Bonim unit was matched with Chalutzim buddies and celebrated by decorating cakes with icing, sprinkles and even some fruit loops. See photos of the Bonim / Chalutzim buddies on Bunk1. Kesher campers had artsy fun making Tie-dye shirts in the Minsky.Tsofim enjoyed a spirited singing program.
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