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Update from Bobby
Bobby Harris, Camp Coleman's Director, gives an update of Camp.

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that we are experiencing yet another spectacular Coleman summer. This is the greatest number of campers in one summer that we have had during my 22 years. With staff, we have received an abundance of positive comments from parents and faculty--the staff are dedicated to the campers and working hard to involve them and give them a summer of a lifetime. I love seeing that such a high percentage of our staff started out as campers and have come all the way through our program--74 of our current 84 staff who live in cabins have either been campers or staff at Coleman prior to this summer. We have added recreational tree climbing, a rope swing on the lake, cheerleading, bread baking program and so much more. Please click on this link and learn about an exciting program we had at camp to honor a relatively obscure hero.

2013 has been a year of major capital improvements for Coleman. These upgrades have helped us to attract key staff and also deliver top notch programming. The improvements would not have been possible were it not for donations that we received from some of you after the Reunio. On behalf of the entire Coleman community, I want to hank you for helping us keep the Coleman spirit alive for our current generation of Coleman campers. The following are key improvements made since the 50th Anniversary:

· Complete renovation of staff rooms under the Ulam Elisheva now with new AC and central Heat. Modern private and public bathrooms.

· Complete renovation of former Infirmary into modern staff dorm with 10 individual rooms and private bathrooms.

· Expansion of beach and renovation of Boat House

· Refinishing and coping of swimming pool

· New fiberglass showers added to 32 camper bunks

Again we thank all donors for enabling us to take these important steps. At summer’s conclusion, we plan to renovate and expand the last 2 Camper Bunks (Boys and Girls #8) and also the old Faculty Motel so that more Rabbis and Educators can participate in a Coleman summer.

And, as I write this article for the Alumni Newsletter, it only seems fitting to let you know that we are on the verge of welcoming President of the URJ, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, to the Coleman Summit for this Shabbat July 27. The Summit will bring some 80 Rabbis, Temple Presidents, and Rabbis from more than 30 congregations throughout the Southeast to hear about the “state of the camp”, to honor previous chairpeople, and learn how everyone can play their part to assure the creative continuity of our people. The last time that a standing President came to this camp was 50 years ago when Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath travelled from New York to Georgia to dedicate Camp Coleman.

The presence of these 2 URJ Presidents stands as a great symbolic moment as we focus on meeting the needs of our camper families of today and tomorrow while honoring our remarkable history as a camp.

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